The tests according to standard ASTM A262, Practice B (Streicher), Practice C (Huey) or Practice E (Strauss) are intercrystalline corrosion tests to check heat treatment of alloys.

The Streicher test (ASTM A262, Practice B) is typically used for Cr-Ni-Mo stainless steel and nickel alloys to evaluate intercrystalline corrosion associated with the precipitation of chromium carbides at the grain boundaries.

The Huey test (ASTM A262, Practice C) is predominantly used to analyse the depletion of chromium and effects of intermetallic phases, e.g. sigma phase. The test is also conducted to evaluate the performance of materials in strongly oxidizing environments, like nitric acid.

The Strauss test (ASTM A262, Practice E) is also performed to evaluate the heat treatment of alloys and the effectivity of addition of alloying elements like Nb and Ti or reduction of carbon towards intercrystalline corrosion.

Corrosion tests

Testing of corrosion in our laboratory is mainly done by exposure testing and/or by electrochemical tests (cyclic polarization measurements). Exposure tests are closest to reality and therefore yield the [...]

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