Beside direct testing of corrosion by means of exposure tests or electrochemical tests information with regard to the corrosion process or corrosion risk can be obtained in an indirect way. Some of the analyses we can perform in that context can be found below.

Materials investigation

In our laboratories we have state-of-the-art equipment to investigate materials. This can be done as part of a failure analysis or corrosion testing but also in the context of other investigations. Beside [...]

Water analysis

Different parameters like pH, conductivity, hardness (total, Ca and Mg hardness), alkalinity (P, M, OH), iron content and others are determined to estimate the corrosivity of the water towards the [...]

Testing of the risk for MIC

Identifying microbiologically influenced corrosion or MIC is not always straightforward. In case MIC is suspected it is appropriate to perform extra tests on the medium or on the deposit/corrosion product [...]

Soil corrosivity

METALogic employs a recognized environmental expert in the discipline of soil corrosion as well as gases and hazardous substances. Via a combination of in-situ measurements and additional analyses in the [...]

Extraction of materials

In the chemical laboratory METALogic performs different types of extractions to analyse corrosive components in or on the surface of materials. Some examples are: extraction of insulation materials [...]

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