Gamry Equipment

Electrochemistry studies the relation between electrical and chemical processes and is omnipresent in nature and industry. Electrochemical insight is crucial for a series of applications among others the refining of metals, development of new coatings, corrosion protection, the development of solar cells and fuel cells, research on batteries, etc.. METALogic supports these developments as distributor of high quality electrochemical equipment.

Gamry is market leader in equipment to support electrochemical research and provides potentiostats, setups and other equipment (microbalances, Faraday cages, etc.). Gamry offers a range of potentiostats depending on the requirements for the application. Different solutions are available for high and low currents and potentials, high data processing rates, possibility to perform electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), etc..

METALogic is the distributor of Gamry equipment in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. You can order or request a quote online Questions can of course also be asked via or on our general number. Our services include electrochemical support and the installation of instruments on site.

In the frame of corrosion tests and investigations we often use electrochemical techniques. Our services include among others characterization and follow up of coatings by means of EIS, performing cyclic polarization measurements and Tafel analysis, …

More information about the products can be found on the website of Gamry:

Coating monitoring

METALogic has many years of experience in the study of coating degradation processes. Via simulations, accelerated degradation tests and advanced coating measurement techniques in the laboratories as well [...]

Electrochemical research

With our broad experience in electrochemistry performed in the laboratory as well as in the field, METALogic is your ideal partner in electrochemical research. We apply electrochemical research mostly in [...]

EIS coating measurements

Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy or EIS is a technique to measure the general barrier properties of coatings. More specifically water and ion permeability of coatings can be determined as a function [...]


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