Our Mission

Offer advice, testing and investigation related to corrosion, coatings and materials.

Christine Buelens


METALogic wants to be the corrosion partner of its customers. We accompany our customers in all the decisive stages of an installation’s lifetime to prolong its safe service life.

This means:

  • During design and fabrication: advice for materials and coating selection, corrosion testing, advice with regard to permanent installation of monitoring sensors, coating and other material tests
  • In service: corrosion and coating monitoring, monitoring crack propagation, electrochemical testing, risk-based inspection (RBI)
  • At failure: failure analysis, study and advice for the future


METALogic offers a wide variety of products and services for investigation and monitoring of material degradation phenomena in general and corrosion in particular. The company was established in 1991 as a spin-off company of the department Metallurgy and Applied Materials Science of the Catholic University of Leuven. Its customers can be found in the chemical, petrochemical and steel industry and many other sectors.

METALogic develops technology to extend its own package of products and services, plays an active role in international scientific networks and

provides solutions as independent supplier in contract research. Our advanced expertise in techniques like acoustic emission and in the domain of electrochemistry allows us to develop tailor-made solutions for problems in the area of materials research and corrosion control. Within its team of corrosion and material experts, METALogic possesses an ideal combination of industrial and academic knowledge in a number of disciplines, such as: electrochemistry for monitoring of corrosion processes, non-destructive testing, risk-based inspection, failure analyses, investigation of coating degradation, …