Corrosion is everywhere

Therefore we are active in different sectors, with shifting focus according to the sector.


In the chemical and petrochemical sector safety comes first. Quality control on the process side and the use of right materials and techniques are fundamental. As a corrosion specialist METALogic offers comprehensive and high quality services provides solutions to the challenges in this sector.

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Pharmaceutical companies play an important role in our present society. They provide us products that increase our quality of life and support our health. Due to the fact that these products have a direct impact on public health, very strict controls are imposed to this sector. Not only the products, but also the processes are subject to strict quality requirements.

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The manufacturing industry consists of a lot of industrial and SME companies that make new products out of materials and raw materials. Within this sector a wide range of activities are performed but they all have a common need for continuous development of products and processes to stay competitive.

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The transport sector and more specifically the automotive industry is subject to continuous change. High quality demands are paired with more efficient production methods and technological developments. Therefore in terms of materials there is a continuous evolution towards the use of new coating systems and high quality control.

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Few sectors require more attention to corrosion control than the offshore and maritime sector. Materials are continuously exposed to harsh atmospheric conditions, temperature fluctuations, salty and humid environments, different microbiological conditions, etc. as a result of which corrosion can form a real threat.

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