Traditionally corrosion rates of a system are followed up by means of periodic inspection of the installation (determination of wall thickness by means of UT) or via corrosion coupons (test plates). By means of these techniques an average corrosion rate is determined over the entire exposure time. Besides quantitative information, corrosion coupons also yield information about the corrosion mechanism. METALogic can assist you with delivery and evaluation of corrosion coupons.

However, for applications that need real time corrosion monitoring, on-line techniques like LPR (Linear Polarization Resistance) offer a solution. A LPR probe consists of three electrodes that are positioned in a medium: a working electrode, counter electrode and reference electrode. A small perturbation in potential is applied between counter electrode and working electrode and the resulting current is measured. This measured current can then be converted into a corrosion rate.

Besides LPR other corrosion monitoring techniques like ER (Electrical Resistance), EFM (Electrochemical Frequency Modulation), EN (Electrochemical Noise), … exist, each with their pros and cons. Different techniques can also be combined into one intelligent corrosion monitoring system.

Online corrosion monitoring can be of interest where upset conditions need to be detected in order to intervene immediately to prevent excessive damage. Typical applications are: cooling water systems, waste water treatment, … .

METALogic combines practical experience with knowledge gained during among others (European) research projects. Therefore you can count on us for a knowledge-based approach:  We do not only take care of the correct installation of the probe and system at your facilities but we also assist you in reading and interpreting the output information.

Please contact us in case you would like to receive more information, for a demo or for a quotation.

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