METALogic has many years of experience in the study of coating degradation processes. Via simulations, accelerated degradation tests and advanced coating measurement techniques in the laboratories as well as on-site, we map the condition of a coating and give advice with regard to time until next measurement/maintenance.

Our experienced engineers and inspectors support our clients to select the right coating for their application, give advice and follow up the application of the coating. During a coating inspection we can use different non-destructive techniques. We have more than 10 years of experience in on-site EIS measurements and work with state-of-the-are equipment. Aboveground as well as underground structures, newly applied and aged coatings can be measured. Besides visual inspections, diverse coating measurements (thickness measurements, adhesion tests, holiday spark test, hardness measurements) can be performed.


We have experienced engineers and inspectors in-house to perform on-site visual inspections. The main goal of inspections on demand of the client is to map the condition of an installation or to [...]

EIS coating measurements

Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy or EIS is a technique to measure the general barrier properties of coatings. More specifically water and ion permeability of coatings can be determined as a [...]

Coating tests

With regard to coating testing METALogic offers several atmospheric corrosion tests, immersion tests and electrochemical tests. Whether it is about testing of coating quality or comparison of [...]

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