We have experienced engineers and inspectors in-house to perform on-site visual inspections. The main goal of inspections on demand of the client is to map the condition of an installation or to establish the root cause or corrosion mechanism. In case it is considered relevant, visual inspection is supplemented with wall thickness measurements, endoscopy or replica testing.

Depending on the main goal of the investigation advice can be given for further follow-up and use.

Coating inspections are also part of the services of METALogic. The inspections can be done by NACE and FROSIO certified coating inspectors.


By means of a camera with light source the internal surface of a pipe or equipment that is difficult to access can be examined. The result is visible on a screen. Endoscopy is applied to [...]

Replica Investigation

When a destructive examination of static equipment, piping, etc. cannot be performed, the replica technique offers an interesting solution to perform a metallographic examination in [...]

Coating monitoring

METALogic has many years of experience in the study of coating degradation processes. Via simulations, accelerated degradation tests and advanced coating measurement techniques in the [...]

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