METALogic offers a lot of possibilities to test the effects of climate and light on the behaviour of coatings (and metals). By variation in temperature and %RH, by simulating the effects of acid rain (Kesternich test, dosing of SO2) or by exposure to light (simulation of the effects of (sun)light by means of Xenon arc exposure, UV exposure) the performance of metals and coatings under these circumstances can be evaluated.

The climate conditions are typically applied in a standardized way. In general accelerated ageing is the main goal of climate testing, so that potential differences in quality or performance can be established within a reasonable timeframe.

Some examples of climate tests performed by METALogic:

  • ASTM G87, ISO 3231 (Kersternich test)
  • ISO 6270-1, ISO 6270-2 (condensation test)
  • ASTM D3451, ASTM 6695, ASTM D7869, ISO 16474-2, ISO 11341, ISO 4892-1, ISO 4892-2 and others (exposure to specific lighting conditions)

To perform a specific standard please contact us and we will see how we can help you.

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