Evaluation of coatings is done primarily by means of visual evaluation. The condition of the coating is evaluated by assessing blistering, rust formation of the substrate, creepback at an artificially applied defect, … . To objectify the assessment standards are used like ISO 4628. Furthermore we have the expertise and know-how to evaluate coatings by means of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) (EN ISO 16773-1-4).

Characterization of the coating can be done by means of adhesion tests (ASTM D3359 A/B, ISO 2409), coating hardness determination (ASTM D3363), determination of coating thickness (e.g. ASTM D7091, ISO 2808, ISO 2360), color and gloss measurements (ISO 11664-2,-3,-4 and ISO 2813), impact resistance (ISO 6272), cupping test (ISO 1520), bend test (ISO 1519), FTIR coating analysis (evaluation of coating type), evaluation of layering by means of light optical microscopy on cross-sections, … .

Coating tests

With regard to coating testing METALogic offers several atmospheric corrosion tests, immersion tests and electrochemical tests. Whether it is about testing of coating quality or comparison of [...]

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