Contract research

We offer contract research for project research related to materials, coatings and materials degradation in general. Depending on the nature of the problem, METALogic assigns a team of engineers [...]

Electrochemical research

With our broad experience in electrochemistry performed in the la boratory as well as in the field, METALogic is your ideal partner in electrochemical research. We apply electrochemical research [...]

Materials selection

Based on our specific knowledge and many years of experience in corrosion studies, corrosion testing and failure analyses METALogic can assist you in selecting the most appropriate material for [...]

On-site support

METALogic can provide (qualitative) support at the client, which is typically longer term support. Project engineers in different disciplines can: Manage inspections of the installations and [...]

Damage mechanism study

A corrosion study or a failure mechanism study gives the user essential knowledge on integrity of the installation by determining and listing potential failure mechanisms. The output of a failure [...]

Remaining life assessment

METALogic can assist you in estimating the remaining life of your installation. Typically the basis for this study is a corrosion study in which potential degradation mechanisms and their risks [...]

Risk-based inspection (RBI)

To map the whole tangle of piping and equipment on a site and make inspection of these manageable, METALogic suggests its RBI approach. By performing a profound study of potential failure [...]