To map the whole tangle of piping and equipment on a site and make inspection of these manageable, METALogic suggests its RBI approach. By performing a profound study of potential failure mechanisms by corrosion engineers, bundling of piping with same process-medium conditions, and coupling with consequence of failure, a system is set up that promotes targeted inspections. METALogic assists its customer with expertise in corrosion, inspections and inspection methods.

Advantage of implementing RBI approach:

  • Focus on high risk piping / equipment
  • Limitation of required inspections by clustering and selection of reference piping
  • Use of the most appropriate inspection techniques for the occurring failure mechanism
  • Answer to the demand of the government to control risks on piping / equipment

Mapping the piping
Based on P&IDs and PFD each pipe is identified with available data like diameter, material, original wall thickness, medium, inspection history etc.

Performing corrosion study of piping by use of loops
By defining corrosion loops and clustering of piping with similar properties the corrosion study is prepared. The corrosion study is performed for every cluster in every corrosion loop. The outcome of this study is a list of degradation phenomena that can occur on the different pipes within the scope. Next to that a degradation rate or probability of failure is estimated.

Implementing the risk of failure
For every pipe or every cluster a consequence of failure needs to be defined. The estimation of the consequence is on the one hand determined by the hazards related to the used product or medium and on the other hand by the necessity of the pipe within the process (economical value). Determination of the consequence of failure is normally driven by the customer.

Generating an inspection plan with periodicities
Depending on the location within the risk matrix an inspection plan is developed for each group of piping with a number of inspection locations and recommended inspection techniques. Some of these inspections can be performed by METALogic.

Damage mechanism study

A corrosion study or a failure mechanism study gives the user essential knowledge on integrity of the installation by determining and listing potential failure mechanisms. The output of a failure [...]