METALogic can assist you in estimating the remaining life of your installation. Typically the basis for this study is a corrosion study in which potential degradation mechanisms and their risks are determined. By carrying out targeted inspections the current condition of the installation can be mapped.

The remaining life is estimated by our corrosion and materials experts that make use of all available information and history of the installation aided with their specific knowledge and experience and supported by relevant standards like API 579-1 Fitness for Service.


We have experienced engineers and inspectors in-house to perform on-site visual inspections. The main goal of inspections on demand of the client is to map the condition of an installation or to [...]

Damage mechanism study

A corrosion study or a failure mechanism study gives the user essential knowledge on integrity of the installation by determining and listing potential failure mechanisms. The output of a failure [...]

RBI, risk-based inspection