METALogic can provide (qualitative) support at the client, which is typically longer term support. Project engineers in different disciplines can:

  • Manage inspections of the installations and piping (possibly based on previous corrosion studies)
  • Set up a RBI strategy for CUI and perform corrosion inspections
  • Play a key-role in setting up a RBI strategy
  • Determine critical locations for corrosion or damage
  • Perform or accompany visual inspections on insulation (QC/QA)
  • Update insulation or coating manual
  • Perform corrosion investigations in situ

They are supported by the backoffice of METALogic and can appeal to the metallurgical and corrosion laboratories, with all their experts.

Damage mechanism study

A corrosion study or a failure mechanism study gives the user essential knowledge on integrity of the installation by determining and listing potential failure mechanisms. The output of a failure [...]

Risk-based inspection (RBI)

To map the whole tangle of piping and equipment on a site and make inspection of these manageable, METALogic suggests its RBI approach. By performing a profound study of potential failure [...]