Support in the R&D stage for the automotive industry

In research and development, you often need more information about why and how coatings degrade. Moreover, you want the results as fast as possible. Beside the standard accelerated corrosion tests, METALogic therefore also offers self-developed test methods to reduce testing time. These test methods use anodic and/or cathodic polarization steps to further accelerate the standard corrosion tests and expose defects in the coating even faster (up to 20 times).


With regard to the evaluation of the coating, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) can be used on top of standard evaluations to analyze the barrier properties, water uptake and ion permeability. By means of cross-section analysis with light optical microscopy or scanning electron microscopy (SEM) coating defects or coating failure is examined at high magnifications. We also include EDX analysis (elemental analysis) and FTIR-spectroscopy in the mix when chemical degradation of the coating needs to be investigated.

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The advantages of support in the R&D stage

  • Higher acceleration factor in corrosion tests by use of electrochemical cycles
  • Better understanding of coating degradation by use of EIS, cross-section analysis, SEM-EDX and FTIR-spectroscopy

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