Coating expertise for the manufacturing industry

Products or installations are often coated in order to protect the underlying metal against corrosion or for aesthetic reasons. The performance of coatings depends on the selected coating system, the application and maintenance in service.


(Cyclic) salt spray tests and climate tests are used to test the quality of coating application or suitability of a coating system for service in certain environmental conditions. The tests are performed on test panels or products. We perform tests according to different standards and also offer tailor-made tests to meet your needs. Our experts listen to your specific question and guide you to the most relevant test. Our laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited for a number of tests.

Beside accelerated corrosion tests we also perform different coating evaluations. Products/samples that are tested in an accelerated test are evaluated visually for the time until onset of corrosion/defects or to compare the final condition after a predetermined time.The adhesion of the coating before and/or after testing can be determined according to pull-off testing or cross-cut/X-cut tape testing. We also offer DFT (dry film thickness) measurements, color and gloss measurements and mechanical tests and chemical resistance tests.

In order to measure the barrier properties, ion and water permeability of coatings Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) measurements are performed after different exposure times to relevant (accelerated) conditions. These measurements are non-destructive and are combined with visual evaluations to learn more about the degradation behavior of coatings. This provides very useful information in the development of new coatings or products.

Advantages of coating expertise:

  • Broad range of standardized and non-standardized accelerated corrosion tests;
  • Always the right accelerated corrosion test for your needs;
  • EIS makes sure you get to know more about your coating’s barrier properties.


Ensure your product or installation survives in the long run by including our expertise in the process from the very beginning. We are happy to answer any questions and are eager to offer our services. Contact us today!

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