METALogic employs a recognized environmental expert in the discipline of soil corrosion as well as gases and hazardous substances. Via a combination of in-situ measurements and additional analyses in the laboratories a good estimation can be made of the soil corrosivity, of course according to Vlarem II appendix 5.17.5.

An underground structure in a corrosive soil needs protection against corrosion. This is typically done by means of cathodic protection. We can provide periodic control, general evaluation of the system’s functioning and all legal controls according to Vlarem, done by a recognized expert in the discipline soil corrosion.

Corrosion and coating evaluation underground tanks

From the moment it is buried, an underground tank or structure is in contact with the soil which will lead to corrosion and thinning of the wall over the years. Finally this process will lead to leakages [...]

Controls according to VLAREM

METALogic employs recognized environmental experts in the discipline of soil corrosion as well as gases and hazardous substances that can perform the limited or general legal investigation. Our experts [...]

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