Corrosion analysis sprinkler systems

Periodic testing of sprinkler systems brings fresh oxygenated water into the system. Steel piping in contact with oxygenated water leads to corrosion. The problem can be quite severe in case MIC [...]

Corrosion and coating evaluation underground tanks

From the moment it is buried, an underground tank or structure is in contact with the soil which will lead to corrosion and thinning of the wall over the years. Finally this process will lead to [...]


By means of a camera with light source the internal surface of a pipe or equipment that is difficult to access can be examined. The result is visible on a screen. Endoscopy is applied to [...]

Replica Investigation

When a destructive examination of static equipment, piping, etc. cannot be performed, the replica technique offers an interesting solution to perform a metallographic examination in [...]


We have experienced engineers and inspectors in-house to perform on-site visual inspections. The main goal of inspections on demand of the client is to map the condition of an installation or to [...]

Corrosion monitoring

Traditionally corrosion rates of a system are followed up by means of periodic inspection of the installation (determination of wall thickness by means of UT) or via corrosion coupons (test [...]

Coating monitoring

METALogic has many years of experience in the study of coating degradation processes. Via simulations, accelerated degradation tests and advanced coating measurement techniques in the [...]

Acoustic emission

Integrity measurement by means of acoustic emission By means of an acoustic emission test with elevated pressure the integrity of your vessel is investigated. This acoustic emission test ensures [...]