Traditionally coatings are tested by subjecting them to an aggressive environment. This is for example the case in the neutral salt spray test (ISO 9227 NSS or ASTM B117). In this test coatings are exposed to an environment with a temperature of 35°C and a continuous salt spray. There is however a tendency towards cyclic tests that trigger similar degradation mechanisms as in reality. METALogic has several test cabinets in which a broad range of salt spray tests and cyclic tests can be performed: a non-exhaustive list of standards that can be performed is found below. Choosing the right test for your application is crucial and not always straightforward. We can assist you to choose the most appropriate test and to set up the right testing parameters.

  • ASTM B117 (ISO 9227 NSS) – neutral salt spray test
  • ASTM G85 (ISO 9227 AASS) – acidified salt spray test or acetic acid test
  • ASTM B368 (ISO 9227 CASS) – CASS-test
  • VDA 621-415
  • SAE J2334
  • VOLVO STD 423-0014
  • VW PV1210
  • DIN 50017
  • IEC 60068
  • Renault ECC1
  • GM 14872
  • Nissan CCT1

Our laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited for a number of tests. Click here to find more information with regard to the scope of our ISO 17025 accreditation.

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ISO 17025 accreditation

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