METALogic has a ISO 17025 accreditation for a number of laboratory tests, more specifically for performing:

  • Neutral salt spray test according to ISO 9227/ASTM B117
  • Acetic acid salt spray test according to ISO 9227 AASS
  • Continuous condensation test according to ISO 6270-2
  • Cyclic salt spray test according to SAE J2334
  • Evaluation on exposed panels according to CAT1E2001 standard
  • Coating thickness measurements according to ISO 2178 / ISO 2808 method 7C and ISO 2360 / ISO 2808 method 7D
  • Adhesion test according to ISO 2409, ASTM 3359 method B, ASTM 3359 method A
  • Wet adhesion test (ISO 2409 after exposure to boiling water, according to Qualicoat specification §2.16 method 1)
  • Machu test according to Qualicoat specification §2.11
  • Filiform corrosion test according to ISO 4623-2, according to Qualicoat specification §2.19
  • Evaluation of filiform corrosion according to ISO 4628-10, according to Qualicoat specification §2.19
  • Mass loss test on anodized aluminum according to ISO 3210 method 2

More information about the scope of our accreditation can be found here.

We consider the accreditation as a recognition for the continuous investment and attention to quality within our company.

(Cyclic) salt spray tests

Traditionally coatings are tested by subjecting them to an aggressive environment. This is for example the case in the neutral salt spray test (ISO 9227 NSS or ASTM B117). In this test coatings [...]