The evaluation of metal coupons (corrosion coupons or test plates) or objects after exposure typically includes determination of the (uniform/localized) corrosion rate, corrosion mechanism, analysis of deposits/corrosion products, … . At the end of the study you receive a report containing exposure conditions, corrosion type and rate, illustrated with photographic documentation.

We also perform evaluation on corrosion coupons exposed at your site. Hereto METALogic delivers pre-treated and pre-weighed coupons in the desired alloy, surface condition, dimensions, presence of a weld, … . Almost all alloy types can be delivered. METALogic keeps a permanent stock for the most common construction materials, as indicated in the table below. If desired, we can give advice with regard to placement of the coupons in your installation (position, mounting, …). A corrosion rack or other mounting devices can be delivered as well. After end of the exposure period the coupons can be sent back to METALogic for evaluation.

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