Our team of experts have in-depth knowledge and many years of experience in failure analysis and is supported by state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories. METALogic goes to the limit to solve your failure case and come to a correct estimation of the root cause and formulation of advice for the future.

A failure analysis can be a short or longer term task in which different material analyses or tests are executed. METALogic has a fully equipped metallurgical laboratory with among others a scanning electron microscope. In the corrosion laboratory failure investigations can be supported by additional corrosion tests if considered relevant.

Thanks to our team of chemical, metallurgical, mechanical and corrosion engineers METALogic can support you in all failure cases on metals and coated components. Investigations are done on typical corrosion cases like general corrosion, localized corrosion, e.g. pitting corrosion or microbiologically influenced corrosion, or cracking phenomena like stress-corrosion cracking; but also on mechanical damage, such as fractures or wear.

Our failure experts can assess and discuss failure cases on-site. In case removal of a failure piece for destructive analysis is not possible the failure expert can formulate advice based on an on-site inspection.

We always strive to help our customers to prevent the established damage in the future and not to limit ourselves to study the failure cause only. This is done by corrosion testing, material selection, advice for inspection etc.

Materials selection

Based on our specific knowledge and many years of experience in corrosion studies, corrosion testing and failure analyses METALogic can assist you in selecting the most appropriate material for [...]

Corrosion tests

Testing of corrosion in our laboratory is mainly done by exposure testing and/or by electrochemical tests (cyclic polarization measurements). Exposure tests are closest to reality and therefore [...]