With regard to coating testing METALogic offers several atmospheric corrosion tests, immersion tests and electrochemical tests. Whether it is about testing of coating quality or comparison of different coating types for a certain application, we find the right test for your application.

Exposure tests

Exposure testing is typically performed for purposes of material selection, quality control, CLP-directive, …. In an exposure test a coupon (test plate) of the material to be examined (metal, coated metal, [...]

EIS coating measurements

Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy or EIS is a technique to measure the general barrier properties of coatings. More specifically water and ion permeability of coatings can be determined as a function [...]

Climate tests

METALogic offers a lot of possibilities to test the effects of climate and light on the behaviour of coatings (and metals). By variation in temperature and %RH, by simulating the effects of acid rain [...]

(Cyclic) salt spray tests

Traditionally coatings are tested by subjecting them to an aggressive environment. This is for example the case in the neutral salt spray test (ISO 9227 NSS or ASTM B117). In this test coatings are exposed [...]

Evaluation of coatings

Evaluation of coatings is done primarily by means of visual evaluation. The condition of the coating is evaluated by assessing blistering, rust formation of the substrate, creepback at an artificially [...]

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